I am very proud and excited to announce The End of Capitalism’s first, and probably only, LOGO DESIGN CONTEST!

Our audience has been growing rapidly as the crisis has deepened and more and more people are searching for answers. However, the website needs to grow along with this attention. Therefore, endofcapitalism.com is undergoing a total re-design! (See below for a rough draft prototype of the re-design.)

We need to upgrade our appearance. How could this be complete without a logo?

Here’s where you come in. Submit the best logo and win the prizes detailed below.

"sad broker #19"


You can use “sad broker #19” as a starting point. I really like this image. However, if you have a better idea, that’s fine too.

What I love about the sad broker image is that it 1) exemplifies the failing of the capitalist system, 1a) has a downward graph in the background that evokes the death of the stock market, and 2) is campy and light-hearted.

This reflects my basic message that global capitalism is on its last legs, and that that’s a very good thing – an opportunity, not an apocalypse. So I want the logo to be fun and inviting, NOT scary or dark.

It needs to say The End of Capitalism on it.

In terms of colors, I like light ones. Blues, greens, whites. Nature. The idea again is to inspire hope, renewal, joy, not fear.


Click for full size re-design prototype

I’m not sure I can provide a strict requirement for the dimensions of the image, but it needs to be pretty big, and about 2 or 3 times as wide as it is high. If you’re a graphic designer, maybe you can suggest a good size. If it fits at the top of this re-design prototype, that would be good.

It would also be ideal if it could be easily adapted to Facebook, T-shirts*, and other outlets.

.png file, please.

Send questions and final products to alex@endofcapitalism.com. You can submit more than one design.

The deadline for submissions is one month from today — January 15, 2011.


The top 3 logos will be posted on the website when the contest is complete. The “Chosen One” will be displayed on the website in perpetuity, which should fill the winning designer with boundless pride. Your artwork will be forever immortalized and seen by millions of people.

Also, the winning designer will be listed on the new website’s footer – “Logo designed by ____ [link to your website].”

And as an extra special cherry on top, the winner will receive a FREE End of Capitalism T-shirt,* featuring your logo!

Good luck, and happy holidays!

Alex Knight

* T-shirts to happen whenever we get our act together and start making them.