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SDS No War, No Warming

[This is only one person’s perspective, and not meant to be an authoritative report. Other SDSers, especially womyn and trans folks are encouraged to step up and write about No War, No Warming. -ed.]

“War Pollutes Our Democracy; Sexism Militarizes Our Bodies”

26 members of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) blocked traffic next to the House of Representatives Monday morning, October 22, as part of No War, No Warming, which drew hundreds to the Capitol. Traffic was stopped on Independence Ave. for over an hour. After the initial wave of 27 people was pulled off the street by cops, a second wave, which included minors, jumped into the street and linked arms, halting traffic once again. The goal of the protest was to dramatize that Congress has failed to stop the war and failed to address global warming, and to show that the two issues are deeply connected by Oil.

Nearby, polar bears rapped, giant Condaleeza and giant Bush danced, Iraq Veterans Against the War staged a Blackwater mission, Billionaires for Bush whined, a bike brigade did Critical Mass, and Oil Change International demonstrated for the “Separation of Oil and State.” 61 were arrested overall.

The most fun part was in prison, when we integrated the holding cell across gender (or perceived gender) lines. Starting on opposite sides of the room based on what gender the cops considered us, we sneakily inched together over the course of hours, until we ended up in a big circle and had a meeting! The power dynamic was flipped and the cops were stunned.

Everyone is out of jail, healthy and safe.

“No War! No Warming! Resistance! is Forming!”

some good coverage:

NBC video

Washington Post article #1

Democracy Now! video coverage (requires Realplayer)

Youtube video #1 (skip the weird 1:00 intro)

Youtube video #2

Flickr photos

It’s Getting Hot in Here

more pics: Read the rest of this entry »

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By William M. H. Kötke

13 September, 2007

The planetary elite are compelled to continue on their path of growth leading toward planetary domination. The international bankers through their control of the industrial world’s privately owned central banks maintain a tether on the money system through their control of the U.S. dollar as the currency of international trade. One important mechanism that allows this is that the largest item in international trade – oil – is sold in dollars. In order to insure the continuance of the dollar economy, they must be able to choose which currency oil is sold for or control the oil – or both. The center of the empire, the U.S., is maintained by debt as the petrodollars and other dollars come into the U.S. at the rate of at least two and a half billion per day (purchasing U.S. government bonds) in order to continue the cycle, which keeps the empire and its military power expanding As the elite carry out their strategies of domination they are racing against time. The monster trends of Peak Oil and energy exhaustion, climate change which will severely disrupt the seasons of growth in the food supply system, the weakness of the dollar and ecological collapse are pursuing them. An exponentially growing world population with growing material consumption based on dwindling resources and a dying planet won’t work, but they have no other option to maintain their power and profit.

Seeds of Change

As the industrial system spins toward exhaustion, seeds of change are sprouting at the base. The people at the base are not revolting in order to take the power that the elite have but are revolting to take power over their own lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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