This is a website dedicated to those who see injustice in the world and cannot ignore it, for those who know suffering and must commit themselves to pull its roots from the ground, for those who work towards a new world, every single day.

The purpose is to explore and develop the End of Capitalism Theory, which states that the global capitalist system is breaking down due to ecological and social limits to growth and that a paradigm shift toward a non-capitalist future is underway. The future could be worse or better, but it will be what we make. Those of us who share common values of freedom, democracy, justice, sustainability and love must become active and organize against fear and oppression.

Here is an introduction to the subject of the End of Capitalism.

1. The current financial crisis is clearly a moment of peril for both individuals and the broader system of capitalism. But would it also make sense to see it as a moment of opportunity?
1. Crisis and Opportunity

2. Capitalism has faced many moments of crisis over time. Is there something different about the present crisis? What makes the end of capitalism a possibility now?
2A. Capitalism and Ecological Limits
2B. Social Limits and the Crisis

3. Moving forward, how would you ideally envision a post-capitalist world? And if capitalism manages to survive (as it has in the past), is there still room for real change?
3. Life After Capitalism

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