The First Issue of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) News Bulletin is HERE!


There are two versions – one, the electronic version, is meant to be read on a computer, and the pages appear in the order they are supposed to be read in. Please do not print this version out, it will waste a bunch of paper.

The other version is the print version, and is meant for that purpose. The pages are arranged in such a way that if printed on both sides of some sheets of paper and folded down the middle, you can read through the document like a book. But if you try to read it electronically it will look like the pages are out of order. The easiest way to print this is with a double-sided printer; if that is not available, just print half of the pages (odd or evens) and then feed the paper back in for the other set.

Enjoy, and Distribute widely! Distribute! Distribute! Distribute!

(and if you want to contribute to the next issue to make it even more fun, e-mail us at!)
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