The End of Capitalism” synopsis , a miniature version of the book-in-progress, has been finished!

The book will put forward the likelihood that the global capitalist system, structured around infinite growth, has reached an endpoint to expansion, both as a result of natural limits, such as peak oil, as well as social limits, manifested by people’s resistance to the system all over the world. The synopsis also explores two possible paths we might take from this momentous turning point: either towards a more militaristic and “fascist” future based on desperately clinging to the past, or a world built by the efforts of hopeful and forward-looking humanity, organizing from the bottom-up. Finally, a “holistic” approach to social change is put forward to inspire readers to imagine and take action for a better world, through the lenses of sustainability, democracy, justice, freedom and love.

I’m looking for responses to the synopsis so i can continue expanding the project for a mass audience, so if you’d like to submit feedback, ideas, comments, or questions, please send them to Alex at

Thanks. Here is the web version of the full synopsis, and below a link to a (shorter) summary version.  If you’d like to receive a microsoft word copy, please email me and I will send it to you.

Happy Reading!

Synopsis Outline:

  1. Is This the End of Capitalism?
  2. What is Capitalism?
  3. Why is it Collapsing?
  4. What Comes After Capitalism?
  5. Conclusion: The World We Are Building

And here’s the Summary.