yesI’ve recently discovered the brilliance emanating from the pages of Yes! Magazine.

Their latest issue is called The New Economy. Check it out, a lot of the articles are online! It begins with the bold (and correct) declaration:

“This downturn marks the end of an unsustainable economy. Rather than trying to reinflate the old bubble economy, these activists, visionaries, and upstarts are trying something new: an economy that puts people first and works within the carrying capacity of Mother Earth.”

Groundbreaking approaches towards integrating the economy into the fabric of local communities and the ecosystem are presented in extremely accessible language and easy-to-read formats, with lots of great graphs!

Although the magazine shies away from using language like “capitalism”, “socialism”, “anarchism”, etc., the articles overflow with radical prescriptions for social change that challenge the status quo in bold new ways. This is the stuff of revolutions, because it appeals to the masses of Americans without shying away from real solutions, like breaking apart the large banks, investing in local organic gardening, drastically reducing the military budget, and ensuring universal health care.

Most importantly, the magazine fills its pages with a strong current of hope and joy, which is so desperately needed in these times.  We need to remember that the collapse of the old system presents myriad opportunities for new grassroots endeavors, and a sense of joy is our strongest ally in this effort at rebuilding a world based on justice and sustainability.

Take a look, you won’t regret it! Yes!