Calling all Northeast Students for a Democratic Society!!

Philly SDS invites you to the City of Love (for All Genders) to participate in the SDS Northeast Regional Convention, Friday Nov. 30th through Sunday December 2nd!

Are you ready to Build the Movement and Amplify the Resistance?

REGISTER for the Convention!

There will be Networking, Workshops and Skill-Building, Caucusing, Campaign and Strategy Meetings, and LOTS and LOTS of Food and Fun.

The convention will be held at Drexel University, at 31st and Market Sts., Philadelphia, PA.

Philly SDS is organizing the Logistics for the convention, such as Space, Food, Housing, Transportation and Materials.

Food and Housing will be provided to everyone free (huzzah!), though we are asking for a sliding scale donation of $5-100 to help cover convention costs. NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS.

Please REGISTER for the convention!!! The form takes a total of 2 minutes, and provides Philly SDS with all the vital information we need to make this convention a really awesome experience for you:

*BONUS* We went ahead and created a RIDE BOARD as well, so if you NEED a ride to Philly, or you can OFFER a ride to Philly, PLEASE post your info on this board:

(you don’t need to register or anything, just click the board you want, read the message and reply with your information)

Outreach and the Agenda/Schedule for the convention are being organized by SDSers from around the region. To get involved, please join the email listserv:

We will be discussing campaign and action items at the convention, so start thinking, preparing, and collaborating NOW.

All available info about the convention will be posted on the sds wiki page:

check back often!

We’ll see you soon and keep kicking the ass of the ruling class!

♥Philly Students for a Democratic Society (sdsphilly[at]