With the country becoming mobilized around racism once again due to the trials of the Jena Six, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the historical movements that made these struggles today possible.

The question is, which movement has the more important legacy for our struggles against racism in America today, Civil Rights, or Black Power?

With that in mind, here are two great links I wanted to share:

An amazing 1963 video – Malcolm X, James Farmer (CORE), Wyatt Tee Walker (SCLC) and Alan Morrison (Ebony Magazine) debate the Race Crisis in America (2 hrs). Take a peek back at the debate during the peak of Civil Rights Movement.

With reflections from 1992 on the question of whether the CR movement succeeded.

Then there is UC Berkeley’s collection of videos and sound recordings of the Black Panther Party, which took a much more militant and radical stance against racist America. A fantastic resource, that you’ll want to bookmark…